sccm report computer description for Dummies

Ashleys blog site specifically goes into fantastic depth about the choices that you are faced with and whilst I like the concept of ‘Implicit Remoting’ it seems a tad more than complicated for what I need so I plan to operate the cmdlets regionally, meaning I have to perform a numerous responsibilities for my goal.

This may now get your local computer description and duplicate it to your equipment Energetic Directory computer description.

We at the moment are ready to produce the Visible facet of your report. We are going to include things like the information returned via the query.

Be aware. To acquire these information, concentrate on computers must be turned on and WMI queries to them need to go through.

yeah, truly the example deployment I built for our application packagers to showcase the AppDeploy Toolkit was for Java 6u29. By using a nyan cat banner inside the toolkit window, lol

But after adding third and 4rth computer with exact same description "Eye_centre" new computers are certainly not having inside same collection.Is there any point I am missing..?

I used to be working with a buyer that needed to established the Computer Description field during a job sequence. You will get this to work with standalone MDT by modifying a few configuration information.

This query calls for which the config supervisor customer is installed and components inventory is turned on.

can we also use this script to read more simply go the description you'd like instead of think about the regional computer description?

I did do that improve and Carried out this query from on the list of message boards and quickly two computers popped which has description as "Eye_centre".

So you could have viewed our prior publish on how to set the neighborhood click here computer description in the course of SCCM OSD. Effectively now, with a bit enable from a script and MDT, we will take that area computer description and make which the Lively Directory computer description.

By using a slight tweak to our Advert security and a small amount of scripting, it’s quite conveniently obtained. I also included even more information on the field so I could begin to see the program company tag and product variety.

I need to pull computer objects from Advertisement dependant on descripton attribute.I produced a query and examination assortment with under query nonetheless it doesnt function any remarks..?

' Make up description field data and help save into computer item if distinct from existing description

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